We are living unprecedented events. Nobody expected the current crisis caused by the COVID19 virus and the way it’s testing every aspect of our societies.

E-mail is critical during these difficult times as it allows businesses to still operate safely and it’s our duty to ensure everything operates smoothly.

We have thus taken the following steps to ensure the proper operation of your e-mail:

– All our staff is working from home

– We have installed additional redundant SSD storage capacity to our distributed file system and to our processing servers. This will allow us to serve e-mail faster and more securely.

– We remind you that our infrastructure is co-located within a safe datacenter in Montreal, local to our staff. This is crucial as we don’t have to rely on remote hands to perform maintenance, upgrades or intervene in case of emergencies.

We are continuing our in-house development and will soon release our revamped Admin Panel. Sleek, modern, mobile-responsive and most important of all, Open Source!

You will be able, if you so wish, to download it locally in your hosting environment and customize it as per your needs.

Many more improvements will be be announced in the next few weeks!

Stay tuned and stay safe…at home!

George Breahna
PolarisMail Inc, CEO

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