Launch of new Group-Office Webmail interface

We are glad to announce the launch of a new version of our Group-Office Webmail interface, version 6.3. It’s a complete re-design, very modern and fast. It works as well on mobile as on the desktop. It will become our default choice for Basic and Enhanced accounts.

How to switch to the new Webmail ?

You need to configure or modify your DNS by pointing ‘’ to via a CNAME record. You would then access your webmail by visiting



existing Enhanced Accounts

In order to ensure the proper migration of all your data from your existing accounts, you must open a support ticket requesting a migration to:


What if you don’t want to switch ?

If you don’t wish to use this new interface, then simply don’t change anything. We will continue supporting the existing versions of Afterlogic, Horde and Atmail but won’t provide updates for them, except for security fixes.

To take advantage of our new Webmail interface and all of our email hosting features sign up now for a 30 days free trial.