About Us

Who We Are

Here, at PolarisMail, we service our worldwide customers by solely focusing our business model around e-mail-related services. This allows us to provide a unique, specialized experience for both individuals and businesses alike.

Communicate better within your company and with your intended audience with help from our wide array of solutions: e-mail, newsletter, surveys and free website hosting.

With more than 8 years experience as an integrated communication solutions provider – based in Montreal, Canada – we made it our goal to provide the best service in the industry at unbeatable prices.

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How It Works


Great service usually means a solid investment in infrastructure, from the bottom up. That’s why, as a cloud service provider, we chose to build our own hardware in a redundant configuration.

The result? Performance and stability, combined with downtime prevention and personal support. That’s what we call e-mail passion!

Furthermore, your data is safe with us: our servers are co-located with Peer1 Networks in a high-rise building, fitted with three levels of security, including a 24/7 security guard.

Peer1 is also equipped with a redundant climate control system, Fireflex pre-action fire suppression system, massive UPS’s and back-up diesel generators.


Our average, guaranteed annual uptime is an impressive 99.9%.



PolarisMail is located in Montreal, Canada and has premium access to major Internet backbone links due to its close proximity to the United States.


99.9995% Uptime

9ms to New York

60ms to Los Angeles