Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Charter

PolarisMail Inc is committed to protecting your privacy. In this respect, PolarisMail Inc has established the present Personal Information Protection Charter (hereinafter the Charter). Please make sure that you have read and understood our policy on this matter and feel free to communicate with PolarisMail Inc if you have any questions or issues concerning the present document. Please note that while the laws of Québec & Canada only protect personal information relative to a real person and his/her identity, PolarisMail Inc will apply those laws to legal persons as if they were legally protected.


1. Definitions

“Personal Information” means generally all information about an individual and/or a corporation which can be identified as well as any information emailed through PolarisMail Inc’s servers. Within the scope of your relationship with PolarisMail Inc, this includes information about your products and services, usage, billing records, credit information, recorded complaint, your name and/or the name of the corporation, telephone number, physical address and virtual address (email), as well as the content of any email and instant messaging that would have transited through PolarisMail Inc’s servers and any other information about yourself and/or about the corporation that you choose to communicate to us as part of your relationship with PolarisMail Inc;

“Collection” or to “Collect” means the act of collecting, acquiring, recording or obtaining Personal Information from any source whatsoever, and by any means whatsoever;

“Services” means the email hosting, instant messaging, massive transmission of newsletters, email relaying and email archive services rendered by PolarisMail Inc, and all other related services that may be rendered by PolarisMail Inc within the scope of your relationship with the latter.

2. Privacy

PolarisMail Inc protects the privacy of the mailboxes it manages. Your mailbox and the content of all your messages are private. PolarisMail Inc does not monitor or disclose email messages without your consent.

You agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of third parties.

Any Personal information contained within an email and/or instant messaging and/or newsletters sent by you to a third party through the PolarisMail Inc’s servers is not considered to be collected, used, or divulged by PolarisMail Inc, but rather by yourself.

3. Conformity with the law

You declare and guarantee that any information and/or numeric files which will be stocked or stored by you on the PolarisMail Inc’s servers and sent to a third party does not contravene to any applicable law

4. Collection of Personal Information

“Objectives”: Personal information is Collected in order to manage your relationship with PolarisMail Inc, namely:
Initiation and establishment, maintenance and development of a responsible commercial relationship with you in connection with PolarisMail Inc’s offering of Services;
Administration of billing and accounting services and security measures in relation to your business with PolarisMail Inc;
Monitoring of your customer history, evaluation of your credit standing, sharing or exchange of credit reports and information with credit reporting agencies and credit bureaus and collection of any unpaid amounts owing to PolarisMail Inc;
Improvement of the Services offered by PolarisMail Inc;
Transmission of promotional messages;
Managing and development of PolarisMail Inc’s business and operations, including personnel and employment matters;
And processing of complaints, claims, or legal disputes.

Your Personal information, as well as your corporations, will be kept within an electronic client-file entitled “[Your Name/Name of your corporation] File” within a secure database located on servers based in the city of Montréal, Canada (see contact information hereafter).

5. Consent

When you elect to communicate your Personal information to PolarisMail Inc, you give express consent to the Collection, use, and divulgation of your Personal information, in conformity with the text of the present Charter and with any applicable law.

It is possible for you to withdraw that consent at any time, although withdrawal may result in the suspension of the Services offered by PolarisMail Inc.

In certain circumstances and notwithstanding Article 2 hereunder, PolarisMail Inc may Collect, use or disclose personal information without your knowledge or consent:
When it is clearly in your interest and it is impossible to obtain your consent within an appropriate time frame;
To any person who, in PolarisMail Inc’s reasonable judgment, is seeking the Personal information as your agent;
When asking for your consent risks compromising the accuracy of the Personal information, for example in case of breach of contract or a violation of a federal or provincial law;
For the purpose of collecting a debt or complying with a subpoena, warrant or other court order or when required to do so by law

6. Use of Personal Information:

The use of Personal information shall be limited to the objectives defined above and to other uses permitted or required by law.

The categories of persons that will have access to your Personal information are those that are tasked with customer services, website access, invoicing, or complaint processing;

Please note that PolarisMail Inc’s website may contain links to other sites and occasionally allow other sites to be co-branded with PolarisMail Inc. PolarisMail Inc cannot represent or guarantee that other sites privacy policies conform to PolarisMail Inc’s, so please note that sites linked from PolarisMail Inc’s websites may have privacy policies which differ from those of PolarisMail Inc. PolarisMail Inc’s present Charter does not cover third party data Collection and PolarisMail Inc does not assume any responsibility for the actions of any third parties.

7. Destruction of Your Personal Information:

PolarisMail Inc shall implement reasonable and systematic control measures, time frames and practices regarding the retention and destruction of Personal information and files that are no longer needed nor relevant for their intended purposes or that are no longer required by Law. Such Personal information shall be destroyed and/or erased.

8. Access to Your Personal Information:

Under reserve of the exceptions provided by law, if you desire to have access to your Personal information, to ask for a correction, to ask a question about our policy regarding protection of Personal information, or lodge a complaint regarding the management of your Personal information, you may do so in writing to:

PolarisMail Inc
1959 Guy-Bouchard
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H8N 3B6

In certain circumstances, it may be impossible for PolarisMail Inc to allow you to consult all of your Personal information. For example, PolarisMail Inc cannot provide access to the Personal information if disclosure would reveal confidential business information or is protected by attorney-client privilege. Upon request, PolarisMail Inc shall specify the reason for denying access to Personal information.

9. Security measures

PolarisMail Inc has reasonable security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse and interception by third parties. While PolarisMail Inc cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur, PolarisMail Inc makes every effort to prevent such occurrences.

PolarisMail Inc assumes no liability for interception, alteration or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet.

PolarisMail Inc will keep your Personal information in secure data storage in order to safeguard it from unauthorized access.

You are responsible to assure the confidentiality of any passwords and/or username and/or access keys necessary to access the services or your mailbox. PolarisMail Inc encourages you to change your passwords and/or access keys frequently and not to share them with anyone.

10. Payment

PolarisMail Inc offers you the option to pay your bills on its website :

The above-mentioned on-line payments are made directly on the site. PolarisMail Inc collects your personal and financial information and operates itself the wire transfer;

Your personal and financial information provided to PolarisMail Inc within the scope of the wire transfer will not be disclosed to a third party, except to your financial institution for the purpose of the transaction.

Your financial information provided to PolarisMail Inc will be discarded immediately after the completion of the transaction

11. Amendment

PolarisMail Inc reserves the right to change the present Charter at any time and you are advised to check this page periodically for any changes. Your continued use of PolarisMail Inc’s Services will constitute your acceptance of such changes

12. PolarisMail Inc’s head office

PolarisMail Inc
1959 Guy-Bouchard
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H8N 3B6