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Signup for a free trial, view and update billing information, change plans, cancel subscription, download invoices. Login here.

* If you haven’t been moved to the new billing interface and wish to update your billing information, send us a request at

Advanced settings for your e-mail address: set forwards, restore from backups, create delivery rules, whitelist and blacklist e-mails, set application passwords, activate two factor authentication, view last logins. Login here.

Create new email accounts, edit users, reset mailbox password, add domains, aliases, create distribution lists, whitelist and blacklist at domain level, view incoming logs. Login here.

Your personal drive at PolarisMail. Upload, attach, share files from the cloud. Login here.

As a plus, you can save attachments directly from AfterLogic webmail and also attach files directly from there.


Our primary webmail is GroupOffice which is available for both Basic and Enhanced mailboxes.


Tool: generate your Webmail URL

Use this tool to generate your Webmail URL to access it without adding the DNS webmail record:

For an easier access to your webmail, you can add a CNAME in your DNS record. Follow the instructions in our wiki and you’ll be able to access your webmail using an easy to remember link, such as

You can also directly access our old Webmails: