Email Hosting Pricing

Combine any number of Basic and Enhanced mailboxes with Exchange email and create a plan that satisfies all your needs.

You don’t need that much mailbox space? Choose one of our premade Packages.


Use our email hosting Packages for a cost effective way to start your business. Divide according to your needs the total storage in a Package between the mailboxes.

When your business grows and you need more storage, you can easily upgrade from this minimalist solution to a custom plan with Basic, Enhanced and Exchange accounts.

There is a limit of one of each Package per customer. Packages cannot be combined under the same plan with regular Basic, Enhanced or Exchange mailboxes.

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Use our e-mail hosting price calculator to create the perfect plan for you and your business.
Get discounts of up to 15% when you pay every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Step 1: Add mailboxes

Basic E‑mail

$1.00 / month

Enhanced E‑mail

$2.00 / month


$4.99 / month

*For a number of accounts larger than 100, please contact us.

Step 2: Choose payment frequency

Payment Options:



Want to become a Reseller?


PolarisMail offers special discounted rates for Reseller and High Volume clients.

The pricing offered is per number of subscribers and you can e-mail your subscribers an unlimited number of times during the month.



0-5 00025$ / month
5 001-10 00050$ / month
10 001-25 00090$ / month
25 001-50 000170$ / month
50 001 +Call for quote

This service is aimed at companies that operate their own mail server but need an outside filtering service.

Filtered Inbound
SMTP Relaying

1 – 1000.50$
101 – 2500.45$

Filtered Outbound
SMTP Relaying

1 – 20,0000.01$
20,001 – 500,0000.008$
500.001+Custom Quote

Unfiltered Outbound
SMTP Relaying

1 – 20,0000.002$
20,001 – 500,0000.001$
500.001+Custom Quote