Full Integration Between AfterLogic and ownCloud

We are glad to announce we have completed a full integration between AfterLogic and ownCloud using WebDAV and their APIs. Users are now able to access their PolarisMail Files directly in webmail, attach files from ownCloud and save attachments to ownCloud.

Attach From ownCloud directly in webmail

In AfterLogic the ownCloud file storage is seamlessly integrated within the webmail. You can send files saved in ownCloud directly from the webmail interface, by attaching files or by sharing and inserting link into e-mail.

Even with our big attachment size limit of 50MB you might encounter situations when you need to send multiple big files.

In Afterlogic, if a file is too big to be attached to the message, users are warned and offered the option to insert a link to file instead. This will create a public link for the file and anyone with the link will have access to the file.

Save Attachments to ownCloud

Users also have the option to save attachments from received e-mail messages directly to ownCloud, in existing folders or newly created ones.

Keep your files better organized with ownCloud and Afterlogic!

To take advantage of 15GB of personal drive, integration of Afterlogic with ownCloud and many of our e-mail hosting features sign up for a 30 days free trial for our e-mail services.