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Benefits for
high volume e-mail hosting
and resellers


White Label

Our white label reseller e-mail service will be offered through PolarisMail from a private domain name and will carry your name and logo.


Use our JSON API to manage all aspects of your e-mail infrastructure with us, like adding new accounts, managing old ones or special customization.

WHMCS Plugin

Our e-mail service can be fully managed via WHMCS module which connects to our public API in order to add, remove, suspend mailboxes and more.

Competitive Pricing

You can easily resell PolarisMail services under your brand and have access to specially discounted prices.

White Label Email Hosting

for Webhosting Providers

If you are a web-hosting provider that sells bundled e-mail accounts, you must have already encountered many problems with the in-house e-mail solution, such as:

Z Lack of features

Z Problems with Spam (inbound and outbound)

Z Blacklisted IP addresses

Z Maxing out of resources

Discounts for

High Volume Email Hosting

We have special prices for clients requiring a large number of commodity mailboxes, such as resellers or high volume clients that requires fast & dependable e-mail hosting.

Z Software or hardware integration

Z Mobile or temporary workers

Z Low-usage users

Z Promotional accounts

Z Let us be the solution to your problems

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have a free trial?

Before activating your Reseller Account, please take advantage of the free trial and get familiar with our features. We recommend adding at least 2-3 accounts, to fully experience the Reseller process.

Even during the trial, you can add new accounts from your Admin Panel. If you’re working with WHMCS, install our module and use it to create new accounts.

Once you activate your Reseller Account, the trial ends and any charge is non-refundable.


Is there a minimum number of accounts to start with?

The minimum number of mailboxes is one. If you’re just starting up, the Reseller Program is based on $20 Top-ups that are converted into account credits. The credits are used to pay your invoices and they never expire. Another top-up will recharge your Billing account each time you run out of credits.


How will I be billed?

Your subscription is on a monthly basis which means a new invoice is generated each month. For the subscriptions that are less than $20 / month we use the Top-up system (Top-ups of $20 that are converted into credits to recharge your Billing account).

You can upgrade your subscription at any time as all upgrades are prorated and you only pay for the remaining time. However, the downgrades are not prorated or refunded.


Can I migrate accounts from other providers?

If you need to migrate mailboxes from different providers, first create the mailboxes on our side and then send an email to with the following information: current provider or server address, email and password (you can set up temporary ones). For a migration of multiple mailboxes, you can attach a CSV file with these details.


Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Upgrading is possible at any time and all new accounts will be prorated. You can also downgrade at any time but any unused time for those mailboxes is non-refundable.

We recommend waiting until your renewal date to downgrade. We always let you know with 7 days before your renewal date so you can make adjustments before your new invoice is generated.


Can I cancel at any time?

Our Reseller Program is a monthly subscription service and as such can be canceled at any time. However, all subscriptions are non-refundable, even if you have chosen to pay in advance for 3, 6 or 12 months.

When you cancel the subscription, all your mailboxes and accounts will be automatically deleted.


How can I manage my customers as a Reseller? Do I have to use WHMCS?

As a PolarisMail Reseller, you have multiple options to manage your customers.
If you already use WHMCS, you can install our free WHMCS module and set it up to offer email services. If not, you can integrate your website and tools with our back end via our API; or even download and customize the code of our Admin Panel so it will suit your needs.

Another option is to get the Reseller Billing Panel (which is a light version of our Billing Panel) and start offering email hosting to your customers, without any code or advanced setup.

Whatever your needs, we can help you find a solution – simply give us more details about your current setup and how you plan to integrate our services within it.