8 Dec, 2018
We are experiencing a service downtime due to a major power outage throughout the entire city of Montreal. Power has been restored and our technicians are on site working to remedy the issue.

You can check for updates on our Twitter feed or via Chat Support on our website.

We apologize for the downtime and we assure our customers we are doing our best to get all services back online as soon as possible.

Update 1: Inbound e-mail is now being received.

Update 2: Receiving external e-mail now works, sending outbound partially started working.

Update 3: MX servers and SMTP servers are fully functional. IMAP and POP3 partially running.

Update 4: IMAP is functioning properly.

Update 5: POP servers are back online.

Update 6: All services are back up and running.
Some users may experience a gap in their e-mail timeline. We will restore these e-mails in the hours to come.