Quick Setup Guide: ActiveSync

Add your email address to an email client application

Here is our quick guide to help you set up your existing email address to your favorite email client on desktop, tablet or smartphone. This guide applies for both Basic and Enhanced email hosting services, when you set them up as an IMAP account.

You can synchronize your mailbox through multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, using your favorite e-mail app. You can use any e-mail app available on your device, including the native email app.

If you have an Enhanced account, you can use ActiveSync to not only sync e-mails, but also contacts and calendar. To setup your email account as an ActiveSync, follow these steps to add the email account to your preferred email application on desktop, smartphone or tablet (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Android Mail, etc.).


Step 0: Sign up and create the email address

The first step is to sign up for a PolarisMail email hosting service and add the necessary number of accounts, Basic or Enhanced to your subscription, using the Billing Panel.

You don’t have an account yet? See the benefits of a professional email service and sign up for a free trial.

 After you sign up, login to the Admin Control Panel and create the desired email address.

Follow this guide to create an email address using your own domain or this guide to create an email using @polarismail.net, our free domain.

Step 1: Open the email client and add a new Email Account


Here is an example configuration in Outlook 2013 for an ActiveSync email address (Enhanced mailbox):


1. In your email application, click on the button Add account and select a new account of type ActiveSync.

2. Select Manual Setup or Advanced Setup.

3. Fill in the server details for:

User information

Name: the name that will be displayed in emails as “From”. It can be your full name, the name of the Company, etc.
Email Address: your full email address, for example john.doe@polarismail.net or john.doe@mydomain.com.

Server details

Mail server: the server will have your domain name, in this form: mydomain–com.w.emailarray.com – you need to replace the .com with –com, .co.uk with –co–uk, .net with –net, etc.

Login information

User Name / Email address / Username: your full email address
Password: the password you chose for the email address

4. Click the Finish button to complete the set up

5. Send a test mail 🙂


If you want to use you Enhanced mailbox with devices such as Cummings generators or for a device that doesn’t support SSL, you can set it up as IMAP and use the ports for no encryption. Click here to view all server and ports configuration.


Getting help

Switching to a new e-mail provider can be intimidating. That’s why our Support Team is here to answer your questions.

To setup your new mailbox you can browse our FAQs and Wiki guide or you can talk to our Support Team through chat or ticketing system. Also, our Support Team can help you move your previous mailbox, contacts and calendar to your new one.