Quick Setup Guide: non-SSL e-mail address

Use your PolarisMail email address to setup the Cummins generator

Here is our quick guide to help you set up your PolarisMail email address and use it with your Cummins generator. This guide applies to both Basic and Enhanced email hosting services, which you can set up with non-SSL SMTP (TLS or unencrypted) required for your generator.

You can set up any PolarisMail e-mail account (Basic or Enhanced) with non-SSL SMTP (TLS or unencrypted). Follow these steps to add the e-mail account to your devices, such as the Cummins generator, printer, or surveillance camera.


Step 1: Sign up and create the e-mail address

The first step is to sign up for a new account using the Billing Panel. The Basic mailbox works perfectly with the Cummins generator.

After you sign up, you will be able to create a new e-mail address. Follow this guide to create an e-mail address using our free domain @polarismail.net. If you already have your own domain, you can create a mailbox using this guide.

Step 2: SMTP setup for the Cummins generator



In your setup window for the Cummins generator, use the following details for Email setup:


Server details

IP or hostname: smtp.emailarray.com
Email server address: smtp.emailarray.com
Email server port: 26 (you can also use port 25 or 587)
Check the option for SMTP requires authentication (sometimes referred to as “My server requires SMTP authentication”).
User Name / Source email address / Username: your full email address, for example john.doe@polarismail.net
Password: your email address password


Save the new settings and send a test mail.


Checking your emails

To check your emails, you can use our Webmail from any browser(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.): webmail.polarismail.net. Use your full email address and the password to log in.

If you want to forward all incoming emails to another e-mail address, please follow this guide to create a forward.


Getting help

Switching to a new e-mail provider can be intimidating. That’s why our Support Team is here to answer your questions.

To setup your new mailbox you can browse our FAQs and Wiki guide or you can talk to our Support Team through chat or ticketing system. Also, our Support Team can help you move your previous mailbox, contacts and calendar to your new one.

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