Multiple Webmail Clients

PolarisMail supports multiple webmail clients and you can test all of them before you choose your favorite. Supported webmails for Basic e-mail accounts are: AfterLogic, atMail, RoundCube and Horde. For Enhanced e-mail accounts you can use GroupOffice with extra features for collaboration or any of the Basic webmails.

Webmails don’t need additional setup and you can access them from any computer or device, without installing other applications.

PolarisMail’s Main Webmail Client

Our main webmail client for Basic E-mail services is Afterlogic, which has a powerful AJAX interface for faster access to your emails. Other features include:

  • Multiple IMAP accounts per user
  • Mobile ready interface, optimized for small screens and touch input
  • E-mail, contacts and calendar with single and recurring events, reminders
  • Multilingual support – Folders, emails, attachments
  • Branding with your own logo
  • Mail filters, auto-responder, auto-forward
  • Integrated with cloud storage and file sharing
  • Access to your PolarisMail personal drive directly, for saving attachments or sending documents

An online demo can be viewed at Login using the following credentials:

Password: demo

Alternative Webmail Clients

We make available several webmail clients for the end users and each administrator can decide which one they prefer. All the webmail clients are maintained & supported by PolarisMail. You can test all of them using the following credentials and choose your favorite webmail:

Password: demo

Atmail 7



Horde IMP

Webmail for Enhanced E-mail

Although you can use any webmail from above, GroupOffice Webmail is the only webmail compatible with our Enhanced E-mail services. It is fully featured with email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and collaboration tools like appointments, sharing calendars, files or folders.

You can try it out at with the following credentials:

User: demo
Password: demo


Which webmail is your favorite? Tell us with a tweet @polarisMail !