We Know E-mail!

E-mail, calendar, contacts, file sharing and editing – everything available on any device.

Suitable for Your Business

Use your own domain, share e-mail, calendar, contacts and files with your colleagues and collaborate in real time on documents.

Outlook® Compatible

PolarisMail offers native Microsoft Outlook® compatibility.
Enjoy e-mail, calendar and address book without the need of a connector or a plugin.

Easy Mobile Access

Synchronize your business data across the entire mobile ecosystem.
Our technology allows your e-mails, calendar and contacts to be synchronized to any mobile device.

Share & Edit

Need to collaborate with your peers?
Share calendars and address books or use our online document sharing and authoring facilities and increase your productivity.

Who we are

PolarisMail is an integrated communication solutions provider with more than 8 years experience in the field of enterprise communication.

Our wide array of solutions can help you better communicate within your company and with your intended audience.

Why Polaris Mail

your-data-is-protected-with-polarismail No Privacy worries. Your data is protected by the best privacy policy

polarismail-dedicated-to-email We are dedicated only to e-mail with 8 years of experience

polarismail-in-time-email-delivery No missed or late delivery of messages

How can we help your business

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