Webmail integrated team chat

Zulip is an easy-to-use messaging platform that allows you to organize each discussion in different topics so you can find important information exactly when you need it.

The immediacy of real-time chat is combined with the productivity of the email threading model, helping users to process hundreds of messages daily and focus only on important conversations.

This makes Zulip an excellent collaboration tool both for in-office work, as well as remote teams, or even those spread across multiple time-zones.

use it as A real-time chat or asynchronous communication

Zulip Features

Fully integrated with the Webmail
Log in directly from your Webmail and jump straight into productive conversations.

Conversations organized by topic
Email-like threads with a subject (or topic) for every message make it easier to follow long conversations.

Text markups
Make your message easier to read with markups such as bulleted lists, bold, italics, and much more.

Attachments and previews
Drag and drop your files to attach them. Your team can preview images, videos, and links straight from your conversation.

Discuss code or text
Discuss code with Markdown code blocks and syntax highlighting or blocks of text with block quotes.

Enterprise-grade security
Zulip is used by some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world.

Webmail - Zulip integration with PolarisMail
Zulip - streams are organized by topics
Zulip - website preview when pasting a link
Zulip - code blocks
Zulip - streams and topics

How to start

Step 1. Add Enhanced accounts to your subscription from the Billing Panel

Step 2. Add your users to the Zulip environment from the Admin Panel -> Zulip tab.

Step 3. Log in to Zulip straight from your Webmail -> Zulip tab.

Step 4. Have productive conversations with your team 🙂 .

/* zE('webWidget:on', 'chat:message', function(event) { if (event.detail.type === 'chat.msg') { console.log('A chat message was sent'); } }); */