Relaying: Filtered Inbound

Our Filtered Inbound SMTP Relaying Service is aimed at companies that operate their own mail server but need an outside filtering service.
Here are the features available for this type of relaying:
Speed & Reliability
Our high speed redundant servers will always deliver your messages within fractions of a second and provide a clear track record at each step of the way.
Administration Interface
The account administrator can manage the entire domain, add or remove users, set domain-wide filtering preferences & view the global message log.
LDAP Integration
Integrate your LDAP directory with our filtering interface and simplify the user management process while eliminating dictionary-type attacks.
99.9% filtering success rate
Our filtering system is extremely accurate and offers you the opportunity to block, tag or quarantine messages while not generating false positives.
Individual User Accounts
Each user can log into his account and set individual filtering preferences, view his Quarantine log and configure a daily Quarantined e-mail informing him of trapped messages.
Reports & Charts
View at a glance how many e-mails were blocked, tagged, quarantined or delivered.