Backup MX Features and Pricing

Let us be your back up!

The Backup MX service uses our high capacity servers that are available 24×7, to store your e-mails when your main server is down and forward them when it’s back up.


Backup MX pricing


The Backup MX service is offered at the cost of 24.00$ / year per domain.

How does Backup MX work

Backup MX is useful in the event your SMTP server is offline and therefore unavailable to receive e-mail. If you have a setup for backup MX to use a secondary server, you can accept and queue the messages, delivering them when the primary server returns.

You can configure this by creating a secondary MX record pointing to the backup SMTP server but with a lower priority. The primary server (yours) will receive the e-mail if available and only if your server is offline, the secondary one (ours) will be used.

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